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The result of an Infection, leukorrhoea reveals itself as an abnormal, foul-smelling, whitish discharge from the vagina. The discharge consists of dead cells (white blood cells, bacteria) from the site of Inflammation in the mucous membrane.

While some mild discharge is normal, a persistent, heavy discharge should not be ignored. Possible causes of abnormal vaginal discharge include yeast Infections, cervical and vaginal Infections, a tumour or abnormal growth, irritation from spermicide or other foreign matter in vagina, oestrogen stimulation/loss, venereal diseases, irritation from douching, oral contraceptives, and Vaginitis.

Itching of the vaginal area often accompanies leukorrhoea.

Garlic (2)
Uva Ursi

Nutritional Supplements
L-acidophilus (3)
Vitamin C (1)

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