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Choline & Inositol


The substances choline and inositol are sometimes loosely classified as "B complex factors" but they are not in fact true vitamins because they can be made in the body.


Choline and inositol are stable.


Cell Structure:
Choline and inositol are components of various phospholipids - structural components within cell walls.

Lipotrophic Action:
They are also both strong lipotrophic factors, helping to prevent fat infiltration of the liver.

Nerve Impulses:
Choline is part of the neurotransmitter (brain chemical) acetylcholine, which is vital to nerve impulse transmission.


There are no established RDA values for choline and inositol.

Recommendations for both are 1g daily in supplement form.

Supplemental Uses

Choline and inositol may be used in supplement form to help emulsify dietary fats; people with fatty liver or atherosclerotic plaques may also benefit from supplementation.

Choline may be beneficial in patients with diseases related to impaired cholinergic transmission (ie, Alzheimer?s disease, memory impairment and ataxia) (1).


No toxic dose has been reported with inositol. Choline is also very safe, but at high levels it may cause a fishy smell through the Skin and on the breath.

Interactions and Contra-Indications

There are no reported drug interactions or contra-indications for choline or inositol.


Food (mg/100g)
Liver, dessicated 2170
Heart, beef 1720
Brewer?s yeast 300
Nuts 220
Pulses 120
Citrus fruits 85
Bread, wholemeal 80
Bananas 44


Food (mg/100g)
Heart, beef 1600
Liver, dessicated 1100
Citrus fruits 210
Nuts 180
Pulses 160
Bananas 120
Bread, wholemeal 100
Brewer?s yeast 50


1. "Handbook of Dietary Supplements", Pamela Mason, Blackwell Science, 1995.

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